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We are here to provide various types pump motors

At AOER , it is possible to customize pump motors as per your request. We now develop various types pump motor for our customers. including square flange pool pump motor, aquarium motor, jet pump motor, 32c, 48, 56C&56Y NEMA pump motor,  etc.

We focus on OEM service of small pump motor under 2hp with quality warranty and competitive cost. As a reliable pump motor manufacturer in China, Aoer has been in the market for 24 years.

“Perfect temperature-raising control and lower noise! Aoer really helps me to develop my business. ” One of our customer Mr. John shared with us. We trust we will be the real partner to help your business as Mr. John.

Customize Water Pump Motor in AOER

Single phase, Square Flange pool pump motor Series

Small water pump motor for home use

Other Multi-purpose pump motor

Best Quality Electrical Water Pump Motors at Competitive Pricing

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of AC water pump motor. At AOER motor, we understood the rising demands for electric water pump motors, and accordingly started to manufacture efficient electric motors. It’s been more than 20 years we are in this business and have set a unique reputation in the global market.

Our water pump motors are keenly designed with top-notch components, which are processed in our manufacturing units only. When quality and performance is taken into consideration, our AC water pump motors are termed as the best in the industry.
We can customize our water pump motors as per your requirements. Whether you are looking for a less powerful motor or a high power motor, we can deliver you every type of water pump motor, at competitive pricing. F-insulation and low noise are two important features of our electrical motors.
For more details about our AC water pump motor, feel free to talk with our experts at +86 575 83273638. Request an estimate for your custom water pump motor manufacturing services today.