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Both industrial and residential clients appreciate our cement mixer motors. With more than 20 years of experience in OEM industry, we have good knowledge about the operation of cement mixer motors. Our designers understand the custom requirements of clients, and accordingly design & manufacture cement mixer motors for them.

All the major components of our motor, such as gears and shafts, are processed only in our manufacturing units. And this is the reason, why we manage to deliver trustworthy and reliable cement mixer motors to our clients. At present, AOER motor is a leading exporter of cement mixer motor to North-American and European market, with a rejection ratio of 0.05% only.

We at AOER motor, assure you the best pricing in the global market. With minimum turn-around time, we can deliver you the cement mixer motor at your address. We greatly value your business ethics, and thus try our best to manufacture high-quality electrical motors. There is no need worry about after sales services, as we are always available to serve you.

Contact us at +86 575 832 73638 or email at admin@aoermotor.com for a custom quote.