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It’s our responsibility to provide quality products.

–Single phase AC Electric Motors Supplier | AOER.

As an ac motor manufacturer, Aoer Appliance always focuses on asynchronous motor, single phase inductioin motor, small electric motors under 2 hp. We provide quality products and OEM service.

Our main products of electric motor including:
AC motor, specialize in single phase ac motors of multi-Purpose, such as coffee grinder motor, glass-washing motor, water pump motor, electric lawn mower motor, centrifugal blower motor, small polisher motor, range hoods motor, meat milling machine, etc.
Gear motor, as electric cement mixer parts of portable cement mixer (also for wheelbarrow concrete mixer, stucoo mixer, hobby cement mixer).
Transmission box, as electric engine of pedestal cement mixer, stand concrete mixer.
Water Pump motor, such as  square flange pool pump motor, small pump motor for home use, other multi-purpose pump motor, etc.

Electric cement mixer is our new products in 2018.

It relies on the core advantages of electric cement mixer motor with pretty stable running and lower noise. We believe this series of products will give our customers a unique market value – a solid and continuous expansion of market share.

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We are rich experience in single phase ac motor under 2HP.


We are specialized in the design and manufacture of electric cement mixer motor and transmission box.

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Small electric motors are used in various kind small power application such as meat grinder, coffee mill machine, or other machines. It is can be designed as per customer request.


Water Pump motor is our advantage products, Lowe noise, lower vibration and NEMA standard for easy installation.


Top quality electric concrete mixer depends on our core advantages of the cement mixer motor with pretty stable running and lower noise.The motor obtains CSA certification no. 255293

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We produce range hoods and centrifugal fan under Japanese style management to ensure all perfect details.

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