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Project Description

CODE: YC145-2




The Single phase AC Induction motor is designed for use in lawn mower,stationary air compressors, pumps, conveyers,Swing gate opener and etc;
This 3 horsepower electric motor is capacitor run,powerful and easy to install. Housing is optional from standing and horizontal;
The product feature is lower noise,lower vibration and overload protection auto.

●  Model:  YC145-2
●  Type:  AC induction motor / AC Asynchronous motor
●  Phase: Single Phase
●  Housing Material: SPCC
●  Voltager: 230V
●  Frequency:  50hz
●  Power:  3 hp (2200W)
●  Speed: 2800 RPM
●  Poles: 2 poles
●  Capacitance: 35uf
●  Bearing: Ball
●  Insulation Class: Class B
●  Protection class IP:IP00
●  Work condition: SI
●  Cooler style:Fan Cooler

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